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About Us

Our Clients

Our clients define the journey of life. They are retired, or are planning to retire. Some are divorced. Some have blended families. Some are widowed. Others are caring for elderly loved ones, or they are settling estates. Every story is unique. Their financial plans are unique too. 

Our Investment Philosophy

We primarily use low-cost ETF's and index funds that offer broad diversification. The objective is minimize risk, fees, and taxes. The strategy follows the “Efficient Market Hypothesis,” by Nobel Laureate Burton Malkeil. We like it, we are strong believers in the hypothesis, and have followed the strategy for many years. 

The Firm

We are a small, independent firm and we like it that way. We don’t have anyone pressuring us into selling stuff we don’t like, and we don’t have quotas. We are beholden only to our customers. At the heart of our practice are three core values: Fiduciary Standard, Full Transparency, and Education



We hold ourselves accountable to the highest Fiduciary Standard and we make no compromises when it comes to putting our client’s best interest first. 



We feel that Education is crucial. Yours and ours. Our newsletters, special events, and classes help you to become a more informed investor. As a firm, we are dedicated to the life-long learning of economics, regulatory changes, the geo-political environment, compliance, cyber security, and so much more!



We are Fully Transparent. You have a right to know about fees, our process, our historic returns and the impact that it has on you. So when you come in for a visit, please ask the hard questions!

Our Founder

“I am grateful every day for my financial planning education. I’ve learned a lot from books, but even more from the hard knocks of life. The life lessons are the most valuable. I love it when a client walks in my door and I can use the wisdom from my experience to help put them on a path to achieve their goals.”

Barbara Norman CFP®, ChFC®

Barbara Norman began her career in financial services in 1986. She is a graduate of UCSD, a Certified Financial Planner™, and she is a Chartered Financial Consultant®. Barbara is a member of Ed Slotts’ Elite IRA Advisor Group, the San Diego FPA, the Estate Planning Council, the SoCal Compliance Group, The Lawyer’s Club, and Vistage.

Barbara founded the Women’s Financial Academy™ in 2011. Her curriculum offers education on investments, fees, the markets, taxes, estate planning, and so much more. Her goal in life is help women become consumers that are more informed and better able to take control and navigate a complex industry. She is a volunteer teacher at Oasis, and is a frequent guest speaker for numerous educational, non-profit, and women’s organizations.

Barbara has 3 grown children and loves hiking, yoga, gardening and oil painting.