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Our Process

Our clients define the journey of life. They are retired, or are planning to retire. Some are divorced. Some have blended families. Some are widowed. Others are caring for elderly loved ones, or they are settling estates. Every story is unique. Their financial plans are unique too.

<br /><br />Let&#8217;s Meet&#160;&#160;

Let’s Meet  

Let’s make this a meaningful hour. During our time together we will talk about your goals, concerns and unique challenges. We will also do a quick retirement and risk assessment so that you can get a feel for your probability of success. We look for gaps in your planning and propose options for you to consider. Our objective is for you to walk away with a clear vision and an understanding for how you may accomplish your goals. Your first meeting is complimentary.

<br /><br />Develop a Plan

Develop a Plan

This step begins with the question “What do you need?” Some of our clients only want investment guidance.  Some want a written financial plan. Most of our clients want both. We believe in full transparency and your fees are determined by the scope of the work. No matter what path you take, your plan of action needs to be one that you can reasonably understand and implement. That is our mission statement for you.

<br /><br />Put Your Plan Into Action

Put Your Plan Into Action

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. We take the to-do list from your financial plan and help you to implement the strategies and the investment portfolio that are right for you. We take a holistic approach and review all aspects of your planning. If needed, we will pick up the phone and include your CPA, attorney, or insurance specialist.  With determination and commitment on both of our parts, we will walk through the steps together and put your plan into action.

<br /><br />Let&#8217;s Keep You On Track&#160;

Let’s Keep You On Track 

Your life will change and evolve. Markets will fluctuate. The political, tax, and regulatory environments will shift. We feel it is critical to maintain long-standing relationships and make adjustments when needed. You decide how often you want to talk and we put those times on our calendars. We want this to be a team effort and we whole-heartedly encourage you to reach out whenever you have questions or concerns.

Are you ready to discover your financial path?

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