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Portfolio Design

We are a small, independent firm and we like it that way. We don’t have anyone pressuring us into selling stuff we don’t like, and we don’t have quotas. We are beholden only to our customers. At the heart of our portflios are three core values: Responsible Portfolio Design, the Fiduciary Standard, and Full Transparency.

<br /><br />How We Design Portfolios&#160;

How We Design Portfolios 

We primarily use low-cost ETF's and index funds that offer broad diversification. The objective is minimize risk, fees, and taxes. The strategy follows the “Efficient Market Hypothesis,” by Nobel Laureate Burton Malkeil. We like it, we are strong believers in the hypothesis, and have followed the strategy for many years. 

<br /><br />Your Portfolio&#160;

Your Portfolio 

We start with the premise, “why take a lot of risk if you don’t have to?”  We believe that trying to achieve the highest returns adds risk and makes your money susceptible to market corrections.  Rather, we assess your needs for income and growth, how much risk you need, how much you can tolerate, and your time horizon.  Then we place you in portfolios that are right for you.   

<br /><br />The Fiduciary Standard and Full Transparency&#160;

The Fiduciary Standard and Full Transparency 

We hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard.   What that means for you is that we never work on commission, we act in the best interest of our clients, and fees are fully transparent. You have the right to know about fees, our process, and our historic returns. So when you come in for a visit, please ask the hard questions!

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