Products & Services

Our customers have varying needs. Some need a written financial plan, others want investment management, and most clients want both. We are happy to help you in the way that best serves your needs

Financial Planning

We begin your financial planning with a snapshot that shows your probability of success. Then we show you what you can do to improve your plan.  You’ll have regular access to a “play zone” where you can create your own what if scenarios: retire sooner, work longer, calculate social security options, or see what effects the markets are having on your retirement plan. It’s kind of fun! 

Investment Management

Portfolios are designed with your needs in mind. We start by giving you a personal risk assessment. Then we tailor your investment allocation to fit your time line and risk profile. We also take a pulse on the current economic environment and crosscheck it with your goals. Your life changes, and so do the markets. Throughout the year, we schedule regular reviews to talk about the markets, life, what’s on your mind and we make any needed adjustments.


We believe that an informed investor makes for a better investor. Our complimentary educational events offer speakers who talk about the markets, recent legislation, cyber security issues and so much more. We also send short and easy newsletters. Not a client?  That’s OK. We like sharing information. To stay connected, please sign up for our newsletters and we’ll let you know when events come up.

For a complimentary retirement report or investment analysis, please contact us.