Our Services

Our customers define the journey of life. Some are working towards retiring, and others are retired. They come from diverse backgrounds. They are married, divorced, widowed, or have blended families. All have a unique story with varying financial needs. We don’t have a pre-defined, generic path. Our goal is work with you on the planning path that is the most cost-effective and that best fits your needs.

Written Financial Plan

How can you know where you are going without a map? A written financial plan helps to clarify goals and it gives you an organized plan of action.  We want you to feel confident in your decisions. 

Asset Management 

We follow the "Efficient Market Hypothesis” by Nobel Laureate Burton Malkiel, using low-cost ETF’s and funds to minimize risk, fees, and taxes.  We are fee-only and follow a strict fiduciary standard. 

Risk Assessment 

In markets, investors are paid to take risk.  How much risk is right for you? We give you a report that illustrates your potential risks, rewards, and that measures your probability of success. 

Tax Planning

We feel that tax planning is a frequently over-looked step in the financial planning industry. We make it a priority.  Our knowledge base is enhanced as a member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor program.  

Estate Planning  

Having the right documents is a good start.  We make sure that your accounts are set up to follow your wishes. Periodically, we re-visit the needs of your family and changing regulatory environment.

Divorce Financial Analysis

Going through a divorce? Before you make critical decisions, analyze your options, the effects, the taxes, and your financial needs.  This is your time to take control of your future financial security.

Are you curious about how much risk is right for you or how much you can spend in retirement?  Request your complimentary report and find out.